Daydrianna from Louisville


planted by the creator
scatter seedlings onto the ground
   many beautiful creations from mother earth can’t define much beauty on the world
it’s like pretty decorations in your garden
where this flower grows in the land with other flowers
so delicate and fragile
where this flower grows in the mid land of ivory
where this flower grows in the land of breeze wind
we all fall and sprout
sunshine and heavy rain and drought
blistering hot weather and cold rain showers
and the chilly snow
we all grow
where this flower grows is somewhere you don’t know but i know
   been chosen and plucked petals
and been regrown again
been over poured by water and deprived of sun
where this grows is somewhere beautiful
planted by the creator and creations from mother earth
so delicate and fragile
smells like lavender and baby powder
  can be placed as a gift or decorations
she is one of the beautiful creations
and dictation for growth

Daydriana’s story is part of a collaborative project by Acclimatewest, Bioneers, and Mycelium Youth Network and WeRise to lift up youth voices in difficult times.  To hear other stories from the project check out this podcast produced by WeRise.