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Can you Ramp it Up,

Scale it Up?

Everyone does a little for the planet. Maybe its swapping out light bulbs, taking shorter showers, choosing paper over plastic, riding the bus or planting a tree. Maybe you can afford to install solar panels on your roof or buy a hybrid car. Perhaps you’ve been dialing back on the driving or flying to shrink your carbon footprint. Or using recycled water to irrigate the shade trees around your hot company parking lot. Perhaps you feel more hopeful because you work in a green building or sustainable skyscraper? Tell us about what you already do, and think about how to do more? What is your story?Are you a climate survivor or couch potato? Denier or Doer?

 Dare Yourself

to Do More?

What can you change by 25% by 2025? Can you shrink the size of your annual water or gas bill, or number of bags of plastic recycling? Can you commit to eating less meat and cheese? If you give $100 a year to a green group give $125. Consider the space you use, the resources you consume, the food you eat, the people you can influence, even your household risk of flood, fire or quake damage? Whatever you decide to do, can you prove it? Can you stick to it for the next month, the next year, the next five years till 2025? Accept our dare and challenge your friends and family to do the same. Success will get you posted on our climate quilt. Large and small, crazy idea or common sense, whatever you come up with we’re interested. 


Four Ways to Get on the Climate Quilt

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