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Vital Statistics

  • Population Bay Area: 8 million, 100 cities and counties
  • Bay Size: 470 square miles of open water –  mostly less than 12 feet deep – and growing with an advancing ocean (1-3 feet sea level rise by 2030-50, five or more feet by 2100)
  • California Watershed: Drains 40 percent of state through Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers
  • Local watersheds:  85 creeks and rivers around the Bay
  • Tidal Marsh: 52,000 acres

San Francisco Estuary, Bay Area

San Francisco Bay was formed my rising sea levels 10,000 years ago and will expand again soon.

Wade In?

If you stand in the wet mud on the bayshore and imagine the water over your head, no matter what size you are you get a sense of the changes about to engulf the San Francisco Estuary. The bay is getting bigger. The more we drive, burn, consume, live like there’s no tomorrow, the more the ice melts and the ocean rises. In the next few decades, the San Francisco Estuary and the surrounding metropolitan Bay Area will be on the front lines of West Coast climate adaptation. From the west, the Pacific Ocean is advancing inland; from the north, south and east, hundreds of creeks and rivers will be bringing more flooding as they flow through our cities and communities.  Since we have built right up to the edge of bay shorelines and creek banks, and even filled the Bay to create more land to build on, we are very vulnerable to increased flooding. Luckily, many creative people, organizations, governments, and activists are looking out for the Bay Area’s future. They recognize that the water we live around, and use everyday, touches every aspect of the region’s resilience and health.

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