Kyler Williams, Navajo Nation

When I was small, I was always told half of my clans are from water. My mother used to say you’re half born from water, and you’re half born from Earth, you are a combination of both. Everyone is a combination of both. Water is the most important element, but here at my hogan, we don’t have running water. And this requires us to get water from other places on the Navajo Nation, whether it be wells or my grandparents house or other people’s houses…

In this podcast, high schooler Kyler Williams talks about water in his culture and his daily life. His story is part of a collaborative project by Acclimatewest, Bioneers, and Mycelium Youth Network to lift up youth voices in difficult times.  To hear other stories from the project check out this podcast produced by WeRise.

Truck Illustration  by Amy Tam. Snakebird illustration original by Kyler Williams (a local waterbird in the desert landscape). Mentors: Ariel Rubissow Okamoto & Audrey Mei Yi Brown. Podcast production Adriana Pera.