Damon Slough, Oakland Estuary

Damon Slough, Oakland Estuary

Video by James Corner, Field Operations

Vital Statistics

  • Legacy communities and crossroads of critical regional roads, rail, transit.
  • Mouth of Leona and Arroyo Viejo Creeks
  • Collects from 3.5 square mile Lion Creek Watershed in Oakland Hills
  • Enters San Francisco Estuary via Oakland Estuary and San Leandro Bay, surrounded by Oakland and Alameda
  • Site of Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena, development and gentrification pressure.

Damon Slough

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For reservoirs in the Oakland Hills, Damon Slough is one of four vital gateways leading into San Francisco Bay. For many of today’s Bay Area residents, it’s that muddy brown ditch you cross over on the way to a Warriors game. The landscape around the Oakland Coliseum, Damon Slough, the Oakland Estuary and San Leandro Bay hosts vulnerable communities and vital roads, bridges, and public transportation lines, as well as the nearby Port of Oakland and low-lying Oakland airport. BART and Amtrak have stations at the Coliseum that, if flooded, could strand com-muters and residents alike. The area now lies at an important intersection of watershed drainage, groundwater tables, and rising sea levels. Those living in East Oakland and around Damon Slough and the Oakland Estuary are looking to city and county governments to revitalize the region and develop future-proof infrastructure.

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Communities Confront Water: Oakland

Communities Confront Water: Oakland

O A K L A N D : D A M O N   S L O U G H Communities Confront Water and Gentrification in the Coliseum Zone By Isaac Pearlman Damon Slough, a 25-foot wide canal of sluggish brown water skirting the Oakland Coliseum’s northern parking lot, is easy to overlook. The...

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Top photo: Isaac Pearlman

Bottom photo: Julie Robertson

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