Planting trees with Canopy in East Palo Alto. Photo courtesy Canopy.

AcclimateWest is a community of writers and editors that rely on you to give us ideas for the most useful, interesting, personal, quirky, thoughtful, funny, imaginative, and equitable content.

Along Your Waterway…

  • Tell us what you think is important for us to write about?
  • What questions would you like us to answer?
  • Tell us your historical experiences with flooding in your area?
  • Send us photos, video, audio, art, cartoons — if we like it we’ll post it!
  • Want to be a reporter on our team?  Send us a query!
  • Youth reporters welcomed and mentored as we work on developing stories.
  • Technical and science experts, we challenge you to provide us with “explainer” language and graphics for current climate adaptation, infrastructure, science, and engineering topics.


We’re setting up brainstorming teams for each waterway — those with local knowledge who can help us shape and fact-check stories, share them with local communities, and also develop local financial support for storytelling. If you’d like to be on a team, contact the editor!

WATCH THIS SPOT -we’ll be working on more ways for you to join in the storytelling.