On Patrol

San Francisco Baykeeper compels polluters to stop contaminating our waterways and holds government agencies accountable for safeguarding and restoring the waters that belong to all of us.  They work to reverse the environmental degradation of the past and promote new strategies and policies to protect the water quality of the San Francisco Bay. For 30 years, Baykeeper has watchdogged water quality in San Francisco Bay. Today, they are tackling threats to the health of the Bay and its wildlife using advocacy, water quality monitoring and science, on-the-water patrols, public education and, when necessary, legal action. But perhaps one of the greatest threats to everything on the bayshore is climate change and sea level rise. Of particular concern to Baykeeper is the projected flooding of sewage treatment plants and industrial brownfields full of toxic chemicals and waste no one wants to carried back into the Bay. Building nature-based buffers around the region’s wastewater treatment facilities is a current Baykeeper priority.