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California Climate Quilt Articles

What 3 Things Do You Keep under Your Bed? Ariel Okamoto, San Francisco If you saw the Bay Bridge collapse in 1989, or watched Clark Gable mince through 1906 rubble in the movie San Francisco, or dived under your desk during...

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Team Spirit Around Canal: San Rafael 2

An osprey atop a transmission tower watches as a few dozen people meander out to the edge of the San Rafael waterfront along a narrow levee path. On one side are the marshes and mudflats where the San Rafael creek meets the San Francisco Bay, the osprey’s hunting territory. On the other are townhomes, densely packed on a flat spit of land jutting out into the Bay.

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Wet Feet for Rich and Poor: San Rafael 1

Madeleine King is on the water several times a week. Tanned and fit, she’ll step atop her board at 101 Surf Sports and soon disappear down the San Rafael Canal, paddling with gusto toward its mouth and the San Francisco Bay.

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