Wade In or Hold Your Breath? is an experimental, place-based, independent storytelling project of AcclimateWest.org. It’s the brainchild of editors and writers who regularly cover climate change and environmental stories in the San Francisco Bay Area and California, and builds on their relationships with local scientists, planners, and resource managers (see Reporters).

While gigabytes of new technical and planning information have been developed on climate change and sea level rise impacts on our region in recent years, not enough stories are being told about all these plans and findings to the people who live, work, and play on our shores. Our stories try to bridge that gap, offering fresh, easy-to-read, baseline information that introduces readers to other sources of more detailed information along the way.

AcclimateWest embraces the idea that other West Coast communities might want to share this platform to develop their own stories around specific bays, canals, sloughs, river mouths in the path of rising seas, extreme tides, and more intense storm surges.

Origins and Support

The AcclimateWest editorial and reporting team has roots in ESTUARY News magazine, published for 25 years by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership and supported by diverse local partners.

Several non-profits are involved in its growth, including Urban Ecology Inc., Friends of the Estuary, and San Francisco Baykeeper. Several major regional planning agencies, including the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the California Coastal Conservancy, are also encouraging our storytelling efforts. The project enjoys a strong base in the region’s current restoration and environmental community.

Editorial Policy

AcclimateWest remains entirely independent of any entity. Any funds provided in support of our reporting are accepted with no strings attached in terms of how stories, themes, and content are presented.

Work in Progress

AcclimateWest is a work in progress. Seed funds have come through the San Francisco Estuary Partnership. We are currently seeking local funding partners to adopt their waterway stories and watersheds, as well as funds to support high quality independent journalism, youth reporting, multi-media interpretive spots, climate art, photography, and more avenues for community voices to be heard through our stories. We welcome collaborative relationships with public media and community interests to broaden stories and art that will be developed and posted on this web site.

AcclimateWest Pilot Advisory Board

  • Mitch Avalon, President, Watershed Resources Consulting
  • Jeremy Lowe, Environmental Scientist, Resilient Landscapes Program, San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • Lindy Lowe, Planner, Port of San Francisco & formerly San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • Paul Okamoto, Architect, Urban Ecology Inc.
  • Taylor Samuelson, Public Information Officer, California Coastal Conservancy
  • Stuart Siegel, Coastal Resilience Specialist, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, San Francisco State University
  • Caitlin Sweeney, Director, San Francisco Estuary Partnership
  • Michael Vasey, Director, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
  • Ian Wren, Staff Scientist, San Francisco Baykeeper

Dare 25 by 2025 Advisory Board

  • Julie Beagle, Scientist, Resilient Landscapes Program, San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • Dana Brechwald, Director, Adapting to Rising Tides, SF Bay Conservation and Development Commission 
  • Sarah Cardona, Climate Director, Greenbelt Alliance

Dare 25 by 2025 Summer 2020 Start Up Team

  • Lilian Bui, Environmental Science
  • Allison Daly, Political Science/Sustainability
  • Adriana Pera, Art History, Biology






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