Citizen Science – Examine the quality of your local environment.

Ever sampled the water quality in your local creek or slough? Tested the amount of dust, allergens, particulate matter in your air? Tracked the migrations of birds along the shoreline or counted the number of cigarette butts found on a beach? Citizen science can help us learn about how healthy our local environment is for both humans and wildlife. it can also help other scientists collect information. Kids can help too.

Are you prepared? Is your home safe from floods, quakes and fire?

If you’re stuck at home a lot, now is a great time to evaluate what your future risk from climate change might be on the home front. What is your home made of? What kind of foundation does it have, and how high is it above sea level? How far is it from the nearest creek that could flood or forest that could burn? Is your landscaping and yard fire resistant? Are you prepared for power outs or water shortages or extra visitors? Taking stock of all these things can help you get prepared. Local agencies offer lots of good tools for your effort. Or you can ask our Gen Z team of young consultants for advice and help them get job experience.

Four Ways to Get Started