Dare to be more resilient?

Those of us who live and work on the West Coast or in California experience life on the continental edge. As the climate changes, as the ocean gets higher, San Francisco Bay bigger, and storms wetter; as wildfires and summer heat intensify; as we juggle the complexities of life during extremes of both culture and weather, how will you react? Acclimatewest is an independent hub for stories about people and places engaged in the work of becoming more resilient. We tell stories around watersheds, translate and celebrate science, offer resources, demystify government initiatives, network and collaborate, and dare you individually and collectively to act.

Current Projects

  • Stories about change, resilience and adaptation centered on Bay Area creeks and shores (Places). 
  • Climate Quilts, personal, youth and business stories about saving the planet and building resilience (Dare25by2025).
  • Citizen Science & Disaster Preparedness, opportunities to contribute to local science, equity and resilience.
  • Networking, platforms for the Bay Area region and the West to see each resilience program, action, and policy in the context of others (RARA Review, KneeDeepTimes) .

AcclimateWest is an experimental independent storytelling project created by writers who regularly cover environmental stories in the San Francisco Bay region. We are working to develop collaborative relationships with public media, public interest agencies, and communities both locally and on the West Coast as we explore and prepare for climate change. This site is a work in progress. Help us build it with your ideas, stories, art, support. See ABOUT.

California Climate Quilts

Inspired by the AIDs quilt, we invite individuals, schools, communities, and organizations to stitch some digital quilt squares. Join our quilting bee as a message of hope and solidarity.

CITIZEN QUILT tells stories of individual acts of resilience, from planting fruits and veg in a suburban driveway to hydrating herbs with dishwater to forgoing burgers.

BIZ QUILT offers a patchwork of organizations and businesses with a special interest in environmental quality or resilience. Write up an organization you admire or a business doing the right thing.

NEXT-GEN QUILT reveals the hopes, fears, and insights of those who will inherit our climate successes and failures, from teenagers to college students to young professionals.

RARA Review

RARA Review

Climate change is the planet adapting to us, so it’s time we adapt to climate change.

This monthly review shares Regional Adaptation and Resilience Actions in the San Francisco Bay Area and the West.

Dare 25 by 2025: Dare to be more resilient! Match the State's 30 X 2030!

Can you Ramp it Up, Scale it Up? Everyone does a little for the planet. Maybe its swapping out light bulbs, taking shorter showers, choosing paper over plastic, riding the bus or planting a tree. Meet our challenge and help yourself to help the planet!

Climate News from Around the Bay